George Washington Community High School Classroom Makeover

Active Learning Made Possible With New Desks

Business Furniture believes in the impact usable and intelligent furniture can have on a school or business. Beyond simply looking neat or organized, the right furniture can bring people together, open up creativity or discussion, and allow people to work smarter.Steelcase Node Chair The belief in real change is what led Business Furniture to open up teachers in the Indianapolis area to apply for a classroom room makeover. In the end math teacher Jodie Mojzik from George Washington High School stood out from the rest, not only because of the classroom needed some...improvements, but also because her teaching style and abilities were being negated by the traditional classroom furniture. Forgoing the traditional “sit and listen” learning method, Mojzik used an active teaching style with students learning in different ways and working in small groups. A Business Furniture classroomroom-makeover could help her take that teaching method to the next level. In addition to painting two classroom walls yellow for added visual stimulation, the room was fitted with a collection of Steelcase node chairs, a PolyVision eno interactive whiteboard and a collaborative teachers desk from Vanerum•Stelter. George Washington High School Principal Debra Leser cheers the new learning environment in her building, "The interactive classroom fits right in with our efforts to help students learn in group and active curriculum settings. We are thrilled that Miss Mojzik earned this impression award for our students and our school community." The node chairs sit on casters and are easy to move around, allowing the class to work in small groups or have large discussions where everyone can face each other. Students hang backpacks on the arm or put them under the seat so they aren’t on the floor creating obstacles. The large personal workspace accommodates books and laptops. Having this flexibility allows Mojzik to tailor to students’ learning styles and offer variety in her lesson plans. Moving students around also helps build a sense of community and resolution.  "The new interactive classroom has helped enhance my ability to educate my students on a variety of levels," says Mojzik, "The Node desks have made transitioning from individual work to pairs then to group work with ease." “We wanted to allow her to do things more quickly,” says Rebecca Dean Vice President, Director of Education and Government at Business Furniture. “Business Furniture didn’t create this teaching style, we simply offer solutions to teachers who are already fighting to make it a reality.” Classroom Makeover Press Release (pdf) Project Profile (pdf)