Piles of unsorted paper aren’t good to anyone

Even with the growing use of digital tools, there’s still a tremendous need for high density storage. Done with high-performing space planning and innovative architectural solutions, it can prepare your office for the technology-laden future. We know that one size does not fit all. Every workspace has its own needs based on the profession it serves, from law, accounting, consulting, and advertising, to architecture, designers and engineers. Creative planning can help everyone become more organized from the “filers” to the “pilers.” Dividing and conquering massive amounts of storage can make it easier to find by organizing it in a more manageable manner. Here are some tips to help you better manage high density storage: Office OrganizationCreate Compartments and Piling Spaces Instead of large shelves that can be cumbersome, use smaller shelves and under-work surface peds that don’t take up much space. It’s part of Steelcase’s Duo Slim Storage system which helps you filter work and promotes collaboration, all while maintaining privacy. Make it Multi-purpose The more uses for a single item, the more versatility it brings your office. Steelcase’s Universal Storage Cabinets offer high-density storage of a wide range of items for an individual or group. Combination cabinets offer adjustable and fixed shelves that can be coupled with storage, wardrobe cabinets, and hinged doors that open to 110-degrees with central locks on drawers. Make it Communal Like an island in a kitchen the c:scape pull option on Universal lateral files offers a high-capacity storage solution while taking advantage of those “in-between” spaces. How? By using storage like c:scape to define a room where groups can congregate and connect. Utilize the top of the filing space as a dual purpose conference table.