Real Estate Optimization

Real Estate OptimizationStrategic Spaces: Optimize the Space You Have Real estate optimization is driving the need for more efficient workstations. It’s about being functional and collaborative while being efficient. Creating strategic spaces doesn’t happen without research and careful planning. How do you maximize real estate while keep everyone’s well-being in mind? We can help. From sound masking and ergonomics to color schemes and sustainability, we at Business Furniture know the latest trends and ideas to build collaborative spaces. This is more than just lighting, furniture and design. This is about creating the total package, not just bits and pieces. Be Multi-Functional To maximize your space every ounce of real estate has to be used efficiently and effectively. That means it needs to be multi-purpose and multi-functional. Cafés become conference rooms, while workstations with windows embedded into bookshelves can limit distractions and give privacy or allow for communication with co-workers. Utilize Technology We live in a digital age. Embedded technology with research-based furniture like Steelcase’s media:scape is a perfect example of technology and furniture integration for seamless collaboration with its HD videoconferencing. Here’s our process to help optimize your space. We’ll maximize your space and create a productivity-enhancing office within your budget. STEP 1
  • Start dreaming. This about creating the corporate culture you want.
  • What is your brand? How is that embodied in your workplace?
  • Sit down with one of our top level space planners who will create blueprints for your vision.
  • We’ll design a high-performing space that is conducive for conversation, socialization and collaboration.
  • We’ll combine technology and innovation for a state-of-the-art workspace.
  • Our highly trained, certified installers are backed by a company with nearly 90 years of experience.
Become more efficient and evolve. We make the most of workplace. Call us today.