Other Services

Achieving your business objectives gets easier when your workplace is working for you, not against you. We partner with the brilliant and proven Choreo team to ensure our clients maximize their workplace potential. Just ask us for more information.

Project and Move Management Creating and settling into a new workplace is a complicated process, particularly when a team member with other responsibilities or who lacks experience manages it. Ensure the fluidity and timing of your move by engaging one of our efficient, seasoned experts.

Cabling and Electrical Installation A new workplace requires much more than just new furniture. Business Furniture can provide the electrical and cabling services needed for the projects that you manage. Let us streamline your process by sourcing and managing this installation for you.

Workstation Cable Management Move Management Business Furniture has moving partners who specialize in safely relocating your assets. Our experienced people free your team up to focus on other aspects of the move.

Furniture Rental Sometimes moves and changes need to occur in phases. We can provide rental solutions nationwide for your temporary office needs.

Pricing You can count on consistent, competitive monthly pricing for the same item anywhere in the United States.

Product Our expansive product lines and global reach allow you to have a comprehensive plan for all your facilities.

Services Business Furniture provides a complete “turnkey” rental solution from space planning to installation with multiple term options, delivery in two business days or less, and consolidated billing services.

Furniture Liquidation Business Furniture can help liquidate your used office furniture. We will provide you a fair quote on buying and removing office furniture you no longer need. We then work with nonprofits and other who can benefit from lower-priced, used furniture to enhance their own workplaces and employee engagement.

Furniture Maintenance Programs Business Furniture will help you maintain your furniture with periodic inspection, maintenance and cleaning programs. Contact us and let us help you extend the life of your furniture assets.

TJ Schooley
Vice President of Operations