media:scape By Steelcase

media:scape with HD videoconferencing boosts collaboration across the table and connects teams across the globe.

Through the integration of furniture and technology, media:scape is reshaping the way people collaborate in a connected world.

Most collaborative work spaces today support leader-led presentations where information is controlled and shared by one person at a time. media:scape removes these barriers and democratizes how people access and share information by allowing all participants to contribute their ideas – equally, quickly and seamlessly.

media:scape By SteelcaseHow it works

media:scape was designed for a “walk-up and connect” experience.

Open. Connect. Share.

Open the media well and remove a Puck™ Connect the Puck to your laptop Share what’s on your laptop by pressing the Puck™

Your team members can do the same. Sharing made simple, quick and seamless … to increase productivity and innovation.

  • media tables: shapes specifically developed to enhance collaboration. Available in three heights: lounge, seated and standing height
  • media:scape with HD videoconferencing: components to host third-party videoconferencing systems
  • media lounge: seating component
  • interactive technology built into media tables

media:scape Brochure

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