Office Renaissance

Did you realize a culture revolution is occurring in the workplace?

We’re calling it an office renaissance. It’s a movement causing companies all across the globe, in every market and in every industry to rethink the purpose, design and intent of their work environment.

It’s no longer enough to build workplaces based on what’s most efficient – you must focus on your people, your culture. Yes, workplace efficiency is important, but a workplace must now also be personal to competitively attract the best talent.

MassuadToday’s generations want a work environment that drives creativity and inspiration and enhances their emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing. They care about engaging one-on-one with the people they work closest with, utilizing human-centered technology (and spaces built to support such technology), and maintaining flexibility and choice in how they work to be most productive.

And that means escaping from the offices of yesteryear – the beige panels, high walls, private offices, little light, lack of collaboration – to keep and retain talent. So how do you reimagine the workplace while still focusing on the bottom line?

The answer is balance. Some organizations are trending toward a residential approach to workplace design, partnering with companies like Business Furniture and Steelcase to provide high-quality, one-of-a-kind, residential-inspired furniture solutions that create enhanced informality, emotional comfort and purposeful design.

But we also help provide spaces that support the need for collaboration and privacy – and ultimately enhanced productivity to get work done. Most of us don’t engage with people all day long, and our offices are Collaborationfilled with a myriad of personality types – from the subtle introvert to the energetic socialite. Therefore, companies are utilizing workplace research to understand the needs of their employees and incorporating an ecosystem of spaces that support everyone.

At the end of the day, it’s about knowing your people and your culture. New research is shedding light on how the emotional responses of people pair well with their cognitive responses to achieve business success. Thus, workplaces are evolving and becoming more dynamic to meet and balance the needs of this evolving mindset – and we understand this.

Every day, Business Furniture is helping companies like you, right here in Dayton, reimagine their workplaces. No matter your industry, we can help you design a workplace centered on the wellbeing of your people, while also designing with your business goals in mind.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin your office renaissance today.