The Work-Life Balance

Creating Healthy Work Environment

We all work differently. This is about creating a great work environment that makes employees happy to come to work. It’s about using your space to accommodate all generations in the workplace by using the latest technology and wellness recommendations. How the Generation Y workforce sees the workplace is a very different from a Baby Boomer or Generation Xer. Most people want a work-life balance more than ever before. Attracting, developing and engaging great people helps with retention. You want employees who want to be at work.

Yes, it was once frowned upon if you socialized at work. Those 9 to 5 days of punching a clock are long gone. Younger workers don’t want to sit in a cube. They want to meet other people and create a social connection and interaction in the workplace. This increases productivity because wellness is more than just ergonomics.

Globalization has companies working round the clock making conference calls to Asia to Europe. That means being on call 24/7. Employees are tired, stressed out and fatigued, begging for a better work-life balance. While older generations may be willing to work long hours, 20-something Generation Y employees want something different. These employees aren’t willing to stay more than 12 or 16 months at a company if their workplace environment isn’t a good fit.

That’s why places like Yahoo and Google have foosball, pool tables, volleyball courts, video games, ping pong tables, yoga and dance classes to help their employees relax at work so they can be happier, healthier and more productive. It’s why flex-time and having massage chairs and communal spaces better for collaboration are becoming more prevalent in the workplace. As a greater number of younger employees enter the workforce, more companies are adapting as corporate priorities are changing.

The companies must address the diverse, more mobile ways people are working today. Resources are stretched and being connected and interconnected is more important than ever. There’s also an increasing need for client-facing spaces with a more progressive and contemporary look and appeal.

At the same time, everyone from lawyers to insurance agents are seeking a better work-life balance, which means incentives, including an adaptable, more technology-savvy work environment, are being offered to attract and retain talent.

Ask Yourself
  • How does your company set itself apart?
  • How do you attract and retain top talent, while staff numbers are being reduced?
  • How do you promote wellness throughout your space?
Our Workplace specialists will help you plan your space to make the most of your workplace. Creative ideas based on research, insight and trends are the foundation of what we do to make your work spaces work more efficiently. Our goal is to make your current space conducive for new and long-time employees to feel comfortable and proactive so your company can improve productivity and happiness within the workplace.