What We Do

Office Environments At Business Furniture we create healthy, highly functioning work environments; spaces that work for today and lean forward into tomorrow. We listen, apply our expansive knowledge, become strong partners, and create an impressive space with an equally impressive ROI.

Do you know that your workplace is so critical in helping you achieve your business objectives? The environment fosters employee engagement, ensuring that your team has what they need to work well, think well, be well.

We develop spaces where people experience your brand. Areas like your reception, conference rooms, work areas and cafes that celebrate who you are and support what you do. Our team will understand your unique culture and goals, and create spaces where success flourishes.

Our Mission

Creating that perfect space is why we exist. We are here to help our customers design the culture they want. Our broad portfolio includes many successful solutions for education, healthcare, bioscience, laboratories, professional services firms, corporations and government agencies across the Midwest.

The Process

Sit down with one of our top-level space planners. Our team will work with you to leverage your existing furniture assets and create the best workspace. We work with companies who are changing to get great deals on quality furniture. We offer leasing options.

We’ll walk you through the process and design a high-performing space that is conducive to conversation, socialization and collaboration. Our 3-D computer-aided design (SmartTools) will give you accurate blueprints. Our highly trained, certified installers are backed by a company with nearly 95 years of experience.

Evolve. Become more efficient.