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Both spaces followed the plan of reducing the number of books being stored and increasing the number of spaces where students can collaborate. 

Student collaboration

Transitioned from a book resource to a collaboration resource. 

The Learning Commons are now a hub for creating choice and control for students to work independently or with various levels of technology, interaction and privacy. 

MCJHS and MCHS Learning Commons

maDison consolidated schools



Different postures allowed us to create a space that meets different types of needs.


We followed the rubric of spaces that are for people who need to work alone/public, alone/private, together/public and together/private. 


The principal wanted to challenge the status quo of schools being restrictive and uninspiring.

Now, first grade student gets the wiggles out by using flexible seating to do much more than sit, he's built a train in the hallway.

Teachers praise the outlet for children who need a little extra time to re-focus and learn in new ways. 

ignite outside the box learning

A brand new K-5 school presented a clean and open space for imagination and innovation at Walnut Grove Elementary. 

The principal wanted a school focused on the future of learning and giving teachers new ways to engage with students and build an energized community of learners. 

The project started in 2018. 

walnut grove elementary

walnut grove elementary

The space looks past traditionalism and rethinks how a space can look based on how it needs to perform.

Instead of outfitting adminstrative space with conference tables respectively, teh spaces were reimagined with different types of lounge and guest chairs, providing small worksurfaces for laptop support, and added floor-to-ceiling markerboards for collaboration. 

This allows the space to be more casual and comforting and allows people to be more socially connected to each other.

Center Grove considers their spaces a teacher for the classroom allowing students the option to work independently or collaborate together. 

The principal wanted a high energy environment where teachers and students can move and re-configure spaces to meet their needs.

This thinking is truly the future of learning. Gone are the days of stuffy desks and tethered learning- students excel when they have a choice for where they'll do their best learning. 

center grove


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