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Choreo was born in 2008, the vision of Mary Beth Oakes, who saw the workplace evolution as an exciting challenge ready to be met head-on. With this opportunity, Mary Beth was able to further focus her passion for change management by advancing the way companies leverage their workplace as their most strategic business and people tool.

And since 2008, Mary Beth and her team at Choreo have worked with dozens of companies in a vast array of industries to maximize employee and workplace potential while minimizing the disruption associated with major moves and renovations.

Dedicated to the philosophy that space shapes attitudes, behaviors and business results, Choreo uses data- and people-driven research to create innovative workspaces that reflect the way companies work today. Choreo also works to lessen the burden and maximize the success of work-place change on the company’s most important asset—its employees.

our process

Our approach revolves around you and is driven by our service areas:

Our choreo Team



Rita is an experienced Change Management Consultant with a demonstrated history of working with facilities. She has a strong business development background and excels at project management, whether local or across the United States. Rita continues to utilize her background of interior design to help develop workplace strategies for evolving companies.


Danielle brings a wealth of experience in Facilities Management, Project Management, and Interior Design to the Choreo team. She has extensive experience with office relocation, expansion, and reduction, as well as furniture layouts and furniture reconfiguration across diverse industries. Danielle has a keen ability to see a project through all phases, from beginning to end, while continuing to foster business relationships long beyond project completion.

Danielle Davis



Danielle Davis

Is a 3-time school spelling bee champion

Strategic, passionate, valuable and innovative, Mary Beth is front and center with her clients as they envision and implement their ideal work environment. Whether she is engaged with senior leaders about workplace strategy or providing on-site support on the day of the move, Mary Beth says, “I am here to make a difference ... I have to know I was involved in positive change. It's what drives me and keeps me engaged and motivated.”


CEO + OWner

mary beth oakEs

ceo + owner

Cora Sweeney

Cory Rocca

Workplace Research consultant

Workplace strategy consultant

Margo Dehner

Workplace Strategy Consultant

Cory Rocca

Workplace Strategy Consultant


Workplace Strategy Consultant


workplace strategy consultant

Reimagine your workspace

Undergoing a business change isn't easy. That's why Choreo exists. 

We help companies like you drive strategic change in business and create spaces that increase productivity, improve cost efficiencies, and enhance effectiveness. 

We Choreograph change, the right way. 


It’s imperative you know how your employees work, how your space operates today—and how your space aligns with your near- and long-term business goals. Our approach revolves around you.


Happy employees and a robust company culture aren’t just luck of the Irish or as fictional as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Change is strategic, it’s inquisitive and when done right you are six times more likely to meet or exceed your project objectives (according to Prosci Inc. 2017).

Meet our team

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Change management + Communication

Research + Strategy

Our No. 1 goal is to identify your space, work, and culture objectives and define a strategy that meets the emotional and cognitive needs of your employees and your business. From there, we embark on the journey to change together, supporting your people from beginning to end.

Move + Relocation

our services support your from beginning to end.

Research + Strategy

Knowledge is power

Choreo partners with you to dig deep, ask the tough questions, and determine a workplace strategy for the future. No matter where you are in your workplace journey, Choreo uses proven, data- and people-driven research and techniques to produce a prescriptive analysis and suggestions for the future of your workplace.

we'll help you identify

How much square footage you need  

How to alidng your business strategy and space strategy

How to effectively assemble teams in your space

How your space can grow with you

How to optimize your real estate 

Leadership Development

lead the change

You know your people are your greatest asset. But as a leader, you must consider how your workplace transformation will impact the way you work and lead your teams.

Choreo helps you create a space that empowers leaders to do their best work.

we'll faciliate

Interviews to uncover any concerns and opportunities about how teams will interact in your new space 

Workshops to provide a real-time feel for your new space

Development of new workplace guidelines

Technology training 

change management + communication

change isn't easy

Successful change management covers all your bases. It assures your teams why change is important and identifies what will be changing. It shows people how to embrace and thrive in change.

we'll help you navigate change:

Choreo partners with you to educate, train, and support every employee and leader.

We work with the entire project team—from construction to design to furniture.

We educate your employees on the stages of change and support them in their emotional journey.

move + relocation

moving is disruptive

A detailed plan and strategy are critical to a successful move. Whether you’re transitioning to a new building or renovating an existing space, we partner with you to manage the move of your people and your assets.

we work with you to:

 Develop a strategy and move timeline

Communicate with individual teams and departments to organize your people and assets,

Work with movers to coordinate all aspects of your move.


Research-based, results-driven. Our team of experts shares intelligence from the field, as well as industry trends.

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our clients

"The Choreo team has been an essential part of our workplace transformation. From strategy through execution, their team was engaged and eager to assist us with our change initiatives and helped make our project a huge success"

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