Space and the environment at Senior Living Centers are of utmost importance as they significantly impact the well-being and quality of life of the residents. These spaces should be carefully designed to cater to their unique needs, fostering a sense of comfort, safety, and community. Business Furniture recognizes the significance of this life stage and endeavors to create purposeful spaces that enable seniors to live and play in a fulfilling manner. Through thoughtful design, they ensure that the facilities are accessible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, promoting a positive and engaging atmosphere. Moreover, Business Furniture places a strong emphasis on people, understanding that the social aspect of senior living is essential for overall happiness and mental well-being. By crafting spaces that encourage interaction, relaxation, and enjoyment, they strive to enhance the residents' golden years, making them truly special and meaningful. 

Thoughtful Design for Comfort, Community, and Joy

"Through thoughtful design, we create spaces that not only cater to their unique needs, but also inspire a sense of some independence and belonging. At the heart of our approach is a deep emphasis on people, understanding that the environment plays a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and fulfilling season of life for seniors in this community. It brings me immense joy to witness how our designs positively impact the lives of the residents, making their golden years more comfortable and truly special."

- Rebecca Dean, VP of Business Development, Business Furniture +Co

Elevate your senior living environment with our window treatment solutions and custom pillows. Our window treatments combine style with functionality, providing privacy and light control, while our custom pillows add a touch of personal comfort and style to every chair and sofa, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Window Treatments + Custom Pillows

Our expert space planning services are designed to make senior living comfortable and functional. We prioritize accessibility and safety while optimizing the use of space, ensuring every corner of your home is both beautiful and easy to navigate.

Space Planning

Discover a curated collection of finishes, artwork, and accessories tailored to senior living aesthetics. From elegant, slip-resistant flooring to soothing artwork that complements the ambiance, our offerings are thoughtfully selected to enhance the overall look and feel of your space.

Finishes, Artwork, Accessories

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. Our spaces are designed to promote a sense of community and comfort. Whether residents are unwinding with a book or enjoying a lively conversation, our lounge spaces provide the perfect backdrop for creating cherished moments and connections in a cozy and stylish setting.

Lounge Spaces

Ensure the smooth operation of your facility with our senior-friendly admin office furniture. Our ergonomic desks, chairs, and storage solutions are thoughtfully designed to enhance the functionality of administrative spaces, promoting efficiency and accessibility for staff and residents alike. Create an environment where administrative tasks are carried out seamlessly, supporting the overall well-being of your community


Transform your outdoor living spaces into tranquil retreats with our senior-friendly outdoor furniture. Our durable and stylish pieces are perfect for enjoying the fresh air, whether it's a peaceful morning on the patio or a social gathering with friends and family. Embrace the beauty of nature with the comfort of our outdoor collections.

Outdoor Spaces

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