More Than A Chair Podcast

Amanda believes in the power of sharing our stories. As a former news reporter, she's passionate about diving into the complexities of humans and how our surroundings impact our mental and physical well-being. She aims for each episode to have an "ah-ha" moment, opening our minds to plan for the future and reimagine how we work. 

Amanda Clark 

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female listeners
arik orbach, google people partner 

 "Google and its leaders stress it's okay not to be okay. We're putting an ongoing, heavy emphasis on taking care of ourselves and one another." 

amy woodall, vp sandler training trustpointe

"We have to remember what worked when things were going well. You give love to your people and bring empathy to the table, they will go work harder for you and trust the mission." 

matt waggoner, JLL 

"A lot of company's are figuring out we CAN work from home. Now we are asking but SHOULD we? There are so many impacts that tell us, we need the office- we need community and culture."