#BacktoBetter: Creating Space for the Future

I’ve had some people ask me, “Why back to better? We didn’t leave anything that was bad.” And I’m happy to hear that, I’ve always loved our company culture and the people who make Business Furniture + Choreo so special. We put out a beautiful product, help people do their best work and finish projects with care and intention. 

But this last year has changed us in so many ways, we’ve done more than survive- we’ve THRIVED. 

Innovation- a Core Value

Now as we all head back into the office with a goal of re-igniting our culture, it reminds me why INNOVATION- is one of our core values. We weren’t bad- but we can always be better, and shoot for the moon. 

I truly believe being back in the office, with our team, and collaborating in new ways is going to be AN OUT OF THIS WORLD experience for all of us. 

About this time last year, our marketing team was on working from home and having virtual meetings with kids climbing on their couches behind them. They decided we needed something fresh and exciting to focus on, so they got to work on a rebrand. We talked about the WHOLE OF THE MOON, not just seeing the crescent but also the big picture and how that was how we worked here at Business Furniture with our sister company Choreo. We looked to the future and created one seamless logo. Of course, there are always people who get a little uneasy when we talk about change.

Choreographing Change Together

I mean goodness, it’s why Choreo was created. It’s all about choreographing change and when leaders are looking to move past the status quo, helping leaders through the embracing change.

So, it made sense to give our beloved Bearing Drive a bit of a rebrand as well; join us at THE SPACE CENTER, where we create space and launch off into big ideas. It’s a fun way to tell our story to our team, and all summer long, we will be finding new ways to incorporate #THESPACE into the branding of our location. It’s a small change that points to the future.

It’s a new world; teams are working hybrid and now post-pandemic, we know we can. We have to be focused on innovation. #BacktoBetter doesn’t mean things were bad, but we know better now, and our people want to work in an environment that reflects.

Together, with a new MINDSET, we can reach new heights.

Mary Beth Oakes, CEO

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