The Spooky Unknowns of Hybrid

Is hybrid a trick or a treat?

Dropping temperatures and leaves means one thing – fall is upon us.

This time last year looked different – rising COVID numbers and still no vaccines approved left us hiding under our sheets and tossing candy from our windows to our masked neighbors.

A new reality is here, and we are working to create better collaboration spaces for teams peering into a scary abyss of what work looks like with both in-office and remote teams of all sizes.

It’s the unknown that may be the scariest part yet. Employees and leaders are both getting impatient and need help defining what hybrid means for them.

Will our workplace feel DEAD?

Your HR and leadership team may have the policies determined, but how that translates into the office can leave your employees calling out into the dark with no one in sight. Pending your timing, this could be the time to evaluate your real estate and make your office feel ALIVE!

We are helping companies do the research and ask the right questions to create a hybrid experience while reigniting your team’s culture. It can boil down to a change in protocols, better technology, or simply reconfiguring your space to fit the needs of both “zoomers” and boomers.

Do you need to lift your worker’s SPIRITS?

Burnout in the workplace is impacting all industries. It may be time for a spiritual BOO-st (see what we did there?) by hosting focus groups and creating cultural committees to engage your team and address industry problems. 

-Rita Schaefer, Choreo Senior Workplace Strategy Consultant

Is this a Trick or Treat? 

Are your employees returning to something better, or does your new Hybrid policy feel more like a trick to those uninterested in returning? Think about the employee experience upon opening your office. We have some simple tricks and a few treats to help inspire and reimagine possible new work environments.

Don’t know where or how to start? Our Choreo Team is here for you; let’s talk!

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