The Benefit of Bringing a Team Together

Donnie Richard, Project Manager

Donnie Richard, Project Manager
Donnie's favorite days are the ones when he is with his team. Although they may have different job functions, the chemistry that forms from in-person collaboration is the main benefit he sees when they are all together.

As the Project Manger for our showroom refresh, Donnie serves as the liaison between our internal team and the construction team, ensuring that the transformation of the space will become a hybrid workspace that can benefit everyone. 

So, we had to ask Donnie, What's Your Hybrid?

“A true team is a group of people with all different strengths, but still have the same end goal. Being able to function and problem solve as a group whether you are virtual or in person is a key to succeeding at hybrid.”

Donnie Richard, Project Manager

Q: Donnie, how long have you worked at Business Furniture + Co?
A: It will be nine years this year. I started in the warehouse and have been in a few different positions within the Operations team while here, becoming a Project Manager in 2022.

Q: Do you have a designated home office space?
A: I do, but it is used more “as needed”. When I am not on a job site, I prefer to go to the office to do my desk work.

Q: How many days, on average, are you in-person at the office?
A: I try and touch down in the office at least 4 days per week. I may not be able to be there all day, but I make it a point to come in for some portion of the day between being on the field and having to knock out some heads-down work.

Q: What does your typical work week look like?
A: My week is a bit all over the place. Sometimes, I like to start my mornings in the office catching up on some emails, and communications to clients, then head to a job site in the late afternoon to either check on an install or do a walkthrough with the customer. Some days cannot be started in the office, and I will head to a job site early and walk through it with them to ensure they are comfortable with the installation and answer any questions I can. After that, I will head to the office or home to complete my day.

Q: What is your DISC style?
A: I am an “I.” People with the DISC assessment I (Motivator) personality type tend to be enthusiastic, cheerful, and outgoing. They typically have a relaxed, casual manner when speaking or interacting with others and enjoy regularly building new relationships. 

Q: What does “community” mean to you?
A: Community to me means a group of individuals that have found a common interest or ground and have come together. A true team is a group of people with all different strengths but still, have the same end goal. Being able to function and problem-solve as a group, whether virtual or in person, is a key to succeeding at hybrid.

Q: Outside of work, how do you find community?
A: Indoor Rock Climbing! I have become a fan of doing this activity over the past few years, and I feel we have a unique community there. That is my go-to outside of work!

Q: Where do YOU do your best work?
A: My work can not be confined to one specific location. Whether he is in the field supporting projects or in the office doing heads-down planning, the space I am in matters. I would say the office is where I feel most comfortable and set up for success, as I have all the necessary tools and resources. Working from home a day or morning/afternoon is great when I cannot head into the office and where I feel most comfortable.

Q: Do you consider yourself more of an introvert or extrovert?
A: I would say I am more of an extrovert. I can’t deny that my favorite days are when I am with my people. That is probably why I enjoy being a Project Manager, too – I always get to talk to and engage with our customers.

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