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Anna Luke, Senior Designer

When it was time to start designing a Hybrid refresh of our showroom, who better to ask than one of our own Senior Designers? Anna is at the forefront of the project - she knows the designs, tools and resources her team needs to be successful.

Anna brings her trendy, smart and savvy personality to all of her designs. She is an experienced interior designer that has worked on a multitude of projects with a variety of complexity. 

So, we had to ask Anna, What's Your Hybrid?
Anna Luke, Senior Designer

“A space has to work for everyone, regardless of their job function. Everyone has a voice and everyone plays a unique role – I believe that should be reflected in an office space.”

Anna Luke, Senior Designer

Q: Anna, how long have you worked at Business Furniture + Co?
A: I have been with the company for 5 years, and I still learn something new daily from my coworkers and clients!

Q: Do you have a designated home office space?
I have a space within my larger living area as my home office space. It has many personal touches, including many plants lining the window sill. I love plants and having them around me while I work, whether at home or in the office.

Q: How many days, on average, are you in-person at the office?
A: 3 days a week. When I am in the office, you can almost always find me at the Design bench in the center of our workspace because I love to be near the action and to have easy access to other team members I may need to collaborate with.

Q: What does your typical work week look like?
A: Most weeks involve client meetings, internal collaboration, and heads-down design work. Our Design team is highly collaborative, and we all love to sit near each other, so my work week is also filled with some fun and group lunches!

Q: What is your DISC style?
A: I am a “Si.” People with the DISC assessment Si personality type tend to be even-tempered and accepting. Empathetic and supportive, they may seek to help others frequently and sincerely.

Q: What does “community” mean to you?
A: It is feeling comfortable and supported in my work environment, personally and professionally. A community should be where people come together and support one another.

Q: Outside of work, how do you find community?
A: I have a tight-knit group of close friends and family that serve as my community.

Q: Where do YOU do your best work?
A: It depends on which day you ask me! Most of the time, the bustling office environment is where I thrive. But after working from home during the pandemic, I learned there were perks to working remotely sometimes as well.

Q: Do you consider yourself more of an introvert or extrovert?
A: I love being around people but am more of an introvert. I need my alone time to reset and recharge.

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