The Hot Topics of HR in an Open Office

Creating a dedicated workspace for HR that is confidential and easily accessible to clients is paramount. It also was a hot topic for the Business Furniture HR team in our new office design.

“HR departments play a critical role in handling sensitive employee information, addressing concerns, and providing support to both employees and management,” explained Business Furniture President Suzanne Bentley.

“Having a designated area ensures privacy and confidentiality during discussions related to employee matters, such as performance evaluations, so we needed a blend of privacy, but I also want the team to see me and know I’m accessible for conversations.”

By providing a secure and confidential space, employees can feel comfortable sharing their concerns, and HR professionals can engage in meaningful conversations, fostering trust and maintaining the integrity of the HR function.

Understanding this need, Business Furniture + Co team designed open focus zones for all employees while offering a suitable environment for HR leaders, such as Suzanne Bentley and HR Generalist, Heather Marshall, to have confidential conversations with team members.

The Orange Box privacy pods, specifically designed for this purpose, perfectly balance accessibility and privacy. These innovative pods provide a designated space within the office where HR leaders can meet with employees without interruptions, ensuring confidentiality and enabling open and honest discussions. The thoughtful design of the Orange Box privacy pods aligns with Business Furniture’s commitment to creating functional and efficient workspaces that cater to the unique needs of different departments, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being.

“Our new work neighborhoods mean I can truly be integrated into the different teams and have a pulse on the culture,” said Heather, “I can be a transient member of the work community but still have privacy to hop in a focus room or Orange Box to have 1:1 conversations.”

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