Unleashing Education’s Cool Factor: A Learning MINDSET Hits Downtown Fishers!

Picture this: a funky, futuristic space. Now, imagine it’s not just any space but a playground of possibilities for education. Yeah, you heard that right! A school, that’s cool. Let’s dive into the story and meet the design masterminds – Jana Goehring and Eric VanDyke – giving us “A Learning MINDSET.”

Lead designers Jana Goehring and Eric Van Dyke poured their hearts and laughter into the new education studio in downtown Fishers.

What’s the Buzz?

Okay, so what’s all the buzz about? It’s about shaking up education, that’s what! Jana and Eric are the duo behind the curtain, sprinkling innovation fairy dust all over the traditional classroom vibe. We’re talking “A Learning MINDSET” – a place where old-school desks and stuffy chairs get a makeover, and the classroom becomes an adventure park for learning.

Jana’s Passion Jam

Jana Goehring is a twin boy mom and knows kids and their bounds of energy- and possibilities. She’s discovered and designed spaces that reflect that for Business Furniture + Co. since 2018. “I’m all about jazzing up K-12 spaces that ring bells with teachers and students. Imagine teachers going, ‘Whoa, my classroom rocks!’ That’s the moment I live for. But what’s beyond amazing is how this revamped environment gives a volt to students’ brain cells. The classroom vibes? They’re like a whole new kind of awesome.”

Eric’s Vibe Check

Eric Van Dyke, the design wizard who joined the BF+C party in 2015, is on the same wavelength. “Seeing teachers dive into these fresh learning setups? Mind-blowing. Their energy? Contagious. And guess what? Students are on this electrifying journey, too.”

Shaking Things Up

So, what’s cooking in this edutopia? Think ottomans, standing desks, and even wobble boards! Say goodbye to boring rows of desks and say hello to a classroom practically doing the cha-cha to your lessons. Eric smiles as he chats about how these spaces bend and twist, just like your favorite dance moves. The goal? To give teachers the power to “paint outside the lines” and revolutionize their teaching.

Chillin’ Lounge Vibes

Jana’s favorite is the lounge next to the E-sports zone. It’s like your favorite hangout spot but for learning. She spills, “Inspiration struck from those cool corporate lounges, and we’ve got it in our educational playground, too! It’s all about brainstorming, collaboration, and, of course, kicking back.”

Tall Tales

Don’t worry; Eric’s got your back if you’re feeling a bit vertically gifted. With a height of 6’4″, he gets it. He’s pumped about the variety of seating options. “Imagine every student finding a seat that fits – no more awkward tall kid vibes,” he laughs, “It’s inclusive seating choices. Tall, short, in-between – we’ve got something for everyone.”

In a Nutshell

In a world where education is evolving faster than you can say “recess,” “A Learning MINDSET” is like the ultimate classroom glow-up. Jana and Eric are the dream team behind this education revolution, adding a dash of innovation and a sprinkle of pizzazz.

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