Heal Better: Five Key Takeaways from Inside Our Healthcare Studio

By: Mary Beth Oakes, CEO at Business Furniture + Co.

Heal Better: Five Key Takeaways from our Healthcare Studio

While hosting a group of healthcare executives at our Healing MINDSET pop-up showroom, I couldn’t help reflecting on how the world of healthcare has transformed since Business Furniture first began creating healthcare solutions 30 years ago.  Our Healing MINDSET healthcare studio gave our team a working lab to deepen our understanding of what is needed in healthcare spaces of the future. It also served as a hub for open dialogue, where healthcare planners and our team uncovered solutions benefitting everyone, including patients, caregivers, and healthcare workers.  

Here are the top five lessons we’ve learned about what truly matters in healthcare right now:

First Impressions Matter

Waiting areas set the tone for care. Modern designs focus on privacy, caregiver workspaces, and a welcoming environment—ditching the auditorium-style rows for cozy, living room-like settings while still leveraging fabrics and finishes that are appropriate and practical for healthcare environments.

Attracting and Retaining Healthcare Workers

With the industry’s focus on retaining and attracting the best people, healthcare organizations are investing in secure and safe workspaces, as well as spaces for team bonding and easy collaboration. Healthcare professionals need spaces for respite. By better supporting the needs of their team, healthcare leaders enable better patient care.

Flexibility is Key

2020 taught us the importance of agility. Healthcare spaces must be modular, with furniture serving multiple roles and rooms ready to adapt quickly to changing needs and purposes.

Hospitable Hospitals

Enhanced wayfinding and dedicated staff now guide patients and visitors, easing the anxiety we sometimes feel in a hospital. Thoughtful design includes multilingual and accessible information and balancing welcoming environments with staff safety.

Commitment to Healing Communities

Despite budget tensions, healthcare leaders are dedicated to creating healing spaces, attracting top talent in research and patient care, and delivering the best patient outcomes. Their passion is inspiring and drives our commitment to designing innovative healthcare solutions.

Over the past few months, our Healing MINDSET showroom has expanded our understanding and reinforced our dedication to creating environments that promote healing and well-being. Hosting healthcare planners and leaders has been successful, as we’ve uncovered their true challenges and needs. This open dialogue has allowed us to better support the healthcare industry by creating environments that foster healing, well-being, and a renewed commitment to their staff and patients.

Thank you to everyone who made this success possible. We would love to continue the journey with you and your team.  We are committed to supporting the healing hearts in healthcare, moving forward to create places where we can all heal better.

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