Meet the Designers at MINDSET

Designers, Hannah Freiherr and Heidi Dellekamp, find inspiration on west coast trip for new space in Fishers, IN.

One year ago, Business Furniture + Choreo designers, Heidi Dellekamp and Hannah Freiherr sat at a rooftop in Los Angeles completely unaware a global pandemic was ready to rock the world and shape the direction of their future project- MINDSET. 

The two had set out west for research of ancillary spaces and showrooms with their partners at Steelcase. 

Dellekamp has been a designer at Business Furniture + Choreo for nearly two decades and calls this her favorite project to date. 

“The trip completely changed our design concepts,” said Dellekamp. “We knew this space needed to be less about the furniture and more about the experience. We wanted to capture the same feeling we had on the rooftop that day- a memory- a moment- that makes you want to go back and recreate it all over again. That’s what we believe makes a space exceptional.” 

Freiherr started her career at Business Furniture + Choreo under Dellekamp’s management and saw the opportunity to partner with her mentor as a defining moment. 

“We came at the MINDSET project with our own approach but truly a unified vision. I’ve learned so much from Heidi over the years and we had a lot of fun choosing the finishes and adding some antique accessories throughout the space to help shape our story,” said Freiherr.  

‘Ancillary’ has been a buzz word in the furniture industry for years but Covid-19 made the concept universally relevant as  employees were sent to work from home due to the pandemic. 

“Ancillary- refers to those ‘extra’ spaces,” explained Dellekamp, “It’s the touches of home and the soft seating living room style set ups where true collaboration happens.”

Freiherr added, “We’ve all spent the last year working from our couches and kitchen tables so we know employees are going to continue to want that choice and control over where they work best.  People want to go back to the office and they want to bring those comforts of home with them.” 

MINDSET is one of the first showrooms in the country fully devoted to the concept of ancillary spaces. Business Furniture + Choreo opened the doors of the Fishers showroom in February and are excited to help clients navigate what is next for companies working to bring their teams back to something better. 

Entry at MINDSET displays bright colors and accessories to create a warm, inviting, experience.

The MINDSET space is open for tours to experience the impacts of ancillary.

Business Furniture + Choreo will continue to welcome clients to their showroom on Indianapolis’ west side just off of Bearing Drive. 

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