A New Location, A Different Workplace, A Focus on MINDSET

A view of MINDSET with a focus on the reflection space sitting in the center of the showroom.

The pandemic has fueled drastic changes in the workplace, as well as in endless other aspects of our lives. Adapting quickly and effectively to the new way to work, collaborate, and interact is paramount for every business. Here at Business Furniture + Choreo, we believe in the power of the surrounding environment, especially in the place where innovative ideas are brought to life and new projects are launched – the office.

That is why Business Furniture + Choreo have created MINDSET, an exploration of the workplace of the future – a workplace that merges the need for comfort with unique opportunities for safe and effective collaboration. 

How Our Mindset is Shifting

Over the first months of the pandemic, businesses had to adapt quickly to continue operating – which caused employees to work from their beds, dining room chairs, or sofas. While this new way of working did not come without challenges, it also brought some perks, such as avoiding the commute, working in total safety, and enjoying the comforts of home.

And, undeniably, what happened over the last months caused a drastic mindset change that needs to be acknowledged, especially as the time to return to the office approaches.

Whether you have experienced all this first hand or not, our partners at Steelcase have published a comprehensive study that gives us valuable insights into how the workplace needs to evolve.

Over half of employees report preferring to work from home, but most would like to do so only one day a week. This data offers us crucial insights: an office is still a core place for a business. Nonetheless, there is a pressing need to create a space that feels authentic, boasts all the comforts from home, and looks after the employees’ cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being.

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