It’s not luck…it’s change management.

Written by: Rita Schaefer, Choreo Senior Workplace Specialist

Happy employees and a robust company culture aren’t just luck of the Irish or as fictional as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Change is strategic, it’s inquisitive and when done right you are six times more likely to meet or exceed your project objectives (according to Prosci Inc. 2017).

2020 was a very “unlucky” year as we all scrambled home to work from our couches and arm wrestled for toilet paper. We’ve learned a lot- and maybe that’s the lucky part- but now what will we do with it?

Organizations are putting time, money and new policies into updating their approach. This is where Choreo comes in, choreographing the dance that is change so we aren’t all stepping on each other’s toes.

Choreo uses data- and people-driven research to create innovative workspaces that reflect the way companies work today. Choreo also works to lessen the burden and maximize the success of work-place change on the company’s most important asset—its employees.

Let’s face it- change is scary! Employees have undergone so much of it in the last year, (Happy one year anniversary, lockdown!) and it’s impossible to understand each person’s perspective. Set yourself up for success without having to search for a four-leaf clover.

Using the Prosci Risk Assessment tool, we take the luck out of our transformation project by assessing the risk of resources, perception of past change, responsiveness, and more to ensure once the evaluation is complete, it can provide a better sense of where you should focus your efforts.

If your organization is working on their “new normal” plan, here are a few change management tips that can help:

Align leaders and prepare to communicate change.

People Managers are your first line of defense when announcing change- especially the mid-level. Consider creating a document with key messaging and anticipated Q&A before you roll out your project company wide.

Set clear expectations with milestones.

Provide steps for your project plans and outline to meet your milestones. What may seem obvious to you as the project leader, an employee most likely has no background.

“It is overwhelming to announce a change. I’ve seen many organizations hold on to information in fear because they don’t have all the answers. But it’s okay to still need time to iron things out.”

-Rita schaefer, Choreo senior workplace strategist

What do you know and what is still to be determined?

It is overwhelming to announce a change – I’ve seen many organizations hold on to information in fear because they don’t have all the answers. But let me reassure you, it’s OK to still need time to iron things out. Let your employees act as a partner to vet potential solutions to.

Rita Schaefer is a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner and has been working on implementing agile or hybrid workplace strategies since 2012.

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