What’s Your MINDSET? Conversations with the Community on Returning to Work.

“We all know returning to work is going to be different,” said Inside INdiana Business host, Gerry Dick, “It’s going to be really interesting and exciting to see how MINDSET helps to fill that gap.”

Inside INdiana Business host, Gerry Dick, talks MINDSET and returning to the office post-pandemic.

What’s your MINDSET? It’s the question we’re asking anyone and everyone who will listen. At Business Furniture + Choreo we’re doing the research and having the tough conversations about returning to work post-pandemic and what it will look like for employers.

Organizations around the world face dramatically different circumstances depending on the state of the pandemic, their locations, industries, cultures and many other variables. Resilience is critical to all of them, and leading organizations are looking to this moment as an opportunity to challenge assumptions and reset the way they work so they can emerge from the crisis stronger, with employees who are energized and engaged.

The new Business Furniture + Choreo showroom, MINDSET, is that high energy on full display. The space was designed to help inspire employers to reimagine what’s possible and re-think about the way they’ve always done things.

We believe the companies willing to shift their MINDSET and think about their spaces differently will be the folks we see thrive in their communities.

Business Furniture + Choreo CEO and owner, Mary Beth Oakes, is passionate about the topic and helping business leaders charge forward to reach results. She had a chance to talk about the new space and concepts just before the MINDSET showroom opened with IIB host, Gerry Dick.

“We are helping organizations create spaces and because of the pandemic we are taking it one step further, helping create spaces that are similar to what employees have become accustomed to while working from home. We are so focused on the research, people want to be back in the office and they want to come back to something better,” said Oakes.

MINDSET is open by appointment only and sits in downtown Fishers, Indiana.

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