#BacktoBetter: Awareness

Who is ready to get back to better? Well, we definitely don’t want to go back to worse or even the same. So, we are striving to work smarter and reignite our culture after a tough year. At Business Furniture + Choreo we are taking the same steps we talk our partners though and it starts with one big question: WHY?

Change is scary and the best way to express your needs to a team is to explain the WHY.

Why are we going back? Why a hybrid model may work? Why our culture matters? Once we determine our why it’s key to communicate and make the whole group aware of what’s next.


One way to start measuring this next change is by using ADKAR. This is a tool, which is part of the Prosci process, to help you understand where your employees have road blocks and then guide you on how to overcome them.

ADKAR stands for: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement.

Today we are talking about awareness, the first step in the ADKAR model. Once leaders are aligned on what their new normal will look like, it’s important to address WHAT it will look like for employees and WHY this is the best direction for the policy. 

It’s all about that WHY!

We assigned a member of our strategic leadership team to “sponsor” the movement and oversee our #BacktoBetter campaign and change strategy. We start with the sponsor to address in a company meeting so everyone hears the same message. When creating your WHY, it’s important your messaging includes where there have been performance gaps over the last year and why the time is now to get back into a your new normal.

You can measure success of your meeting by asking the first question in our survey: 

Do you understand why we want to return to the office? 

What is your #BackToBetter going to look like? And Why? 

  1. Communication is key in building trust and engaging our workforce to feel comfortable returning to the office.
    At IU Health communication plans are ongoing and building the story of our return to the office…. very exciting!

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