A Fish in the Office

Bringing life back into the office after a year of work from home has leaders questioning the right approach. Are your people ready? How can we go back to better? Will we remember how to connect off a Zoom screen?

It was time to make a new hire, one without high demands for PTO but a hunger to make waves.

This is the story about the fish in the office, who sparked the connection and fun, we’ve been longing for as a company culture.

Meet Gandhi, the Betta fish.

Gandhi, the Betta fish makes waves in the office as he flashes fins for photoshoot.

Gandhi, earned his name as he boasts his non-violent resistance to the stress of the world around him. His water is changed every Friday on what’s lovingly been dubbed “Flourish Friday” at the office. A day to ensure we’re all watered, fed and thriving.

You can’t help but smile as you watch a handful of designers normally bogged down by bids and floor-plans laughing and working together as they research the perfect food to water ratio and prime temperatures for their little fishy friend.

Company culture is a big, heavy and broad topic. It takes research, hard conversations and the focus and to drive change. But sometimes, it can be as light, simple and whimsical as bringing a fish into the office.

Bring work to life by bringing life to work.

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