Making Work-Life Balance Easier

Crystal Polson, Client Services Team Lead

Crystal Polson, Client Services Team Lead
Crystal's tenure at Business Furniture speaks for itself; she loves where she works. But what Crystal loves more is her family. That is why an organization that can support achieving a positive work-life balance is so important for her. 

Crystal's latest undertaking at BF+C is being at the head of a newly created Onboarding Team that will focus on new employees training period. Ensuring new team members feel comfortable and understand the approach to Hybrid work is a crucial part of their orientation, and Crystal is a perfect person to guide them through it. 

So, we had to ask Crystal, What's Your Hybrid?

“Achieving harmony between your home life and work life has always been important, and with an effective hybrid structure in place – it can be even more flawless!”

Crystal Polson, Client Services Team Lead

Q: Crystal, how long have you worked at Business Furniture + Co?
A: It has been about 20 years in total now.

Q: Do you have a designated home office space?
It is a shared space within my home. It has what I need to work from home a day or two, but is not the most ideal spot.

Q: How many days, on average, are you in-person at the office?
A: I am usually in the office 4 days per week. I like to sometimes break up my days and work from the office for the first half and home for the second, or vice versa.

Q: What does your typical work week look like?
A: I work from home every Monday – I love the consistency of a dedicated work from home day. For me, Monday’s work best for my work-life balance. I am able to get up and start working early, but also take my son to school on his late arrival day. Of course, I love my workspace, and also value connecting with co-workers. Our space is designed with enclaves for virtual meetings so even if I’m in the office, I can meet with those working elsewhere.

Q: What is your DISC style?
A: I am a CD, which typically places emphasis on quality, accuracy, expertise and competency. CD’s enjoy their independence and places emphasis on accomplishing results and seeing the “big picture.”

Q: What does “community” mean to you?
A: To me, community is a feeling of belonging. It’s a group of people supporting one another and working together toward the same goals. It’s creating comradery and meeting people where they are-even if we’re not in the same physical space.

Q: Outside of work, how do you find community?
A: Being involved in the community I live in is huge to me, and always has been. I’m a board member for my town’s Department of Parks and Recreation, as well as our Athletic Booster organization.

Q: Where do YOU do your best work?
A: My best work is done in a multitude of places.  I appreciate the flexibility of having a choice in where I am going to work any given day. Achieving harmony between your home life and work life has always been important, and with an effective hybrid structure in place – it can be flawless! Business Furniture supports the best work environment, no matter if it’s from the corporate office or the home office.

Q: Do you consider yourself more of an introvert or extrovert?
A: I lean towards being an introvert. I do a lot of solo work in my position, so it works well for me.

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