Say Good Bye to the Front Desk & Hello to Collaboration

Client Experience Curator, Cory Rocca, catches up on emails while waiting for a client visit.

As the world of work evolves and embraces hybrid models and virtual meetings, the question arises: Is the traditional front desk becoming a thing of the past?

At Business Furniture + Co., we believe it is time to challenge the status quo and explore new ways to enhance client hospitality while empowering our team members. Enter the ever-energetic and best-dressed Cory Rocca, our Client Experience Curator, who is leading the charge to reimagine the front desk and create more meaningful interactions in the workplace. 

“Oh, that desk,” laughed Cory, “we had a love/hate relationship. I knew my job was to be flexible and mobile, but having that front desk there made me feel tethered. It always felt like a miss if a client walked in, and I wasn’t sitting there.”  

Our design team knew it was true; your space is the body language of your organization. By keeping a front desk, we gave our internal team and customers the wrong queues about expectations and how we work.  

Vice President of Design Hannah Freiherr said the front desk was a big focus of the new office’s renovation.  

“So many of our clients are up against the same struggle; we just don’t need someone sitting at that desk 8 hours a day anymore,” Hannah explained, “Now we have opened the space, added lockers for remote workers, and a round tabletop with barstools so our team can work up front and also be ready to welcome guests into our space.”  

The Changing Landscape of Work

With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, the traditional notion of a designated person sitting at the front desk, solely focused on greeting visitors and answering phone calls, no longer aligns with the evolving needs of today’s workplace. As companies embrace hybrid work models, flexibility and mobility become paramount, requiring a shift in how we approach client hospitality and team engagement. 

“I connect with the team, host tours for our clients, and cross-collaborate with the sales, marketing, and design teams. Now that I am away from the desk, I can lean into the real work vs. just filling a seat.”  

Enhancing Client Hospitality

Moving away from the traditional front desk has opened new possibilities to engage with our clients on a deeper level. Instead of a fixed location, our team members are empowered to move freely throughout the office space, engaging with clients and creating more meaningful interactions for team members like Cory.  

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