Business Furniture Merges Two Companies to Create Indiana’s Largest Workplace Research Team

Business Furniture + Choreo team members pose for a photo in new office space.

Indianapolis – Business Furniture, a leading provider of innovative workplace solutions, and Choreo, a prominent change management company, are excited to announce their merger, forming one of Indiana’s largest workplace research and change management teams. The strategic partnership aims to support businesses as they navigate the complexities of hybrid work models and cater to the evolving needs of their employees. 

Workplace research and change management have become essential for organizations preparing for the future of hybrid work. The merged entity brings together the expertise of Business Furniture, with over a century of industry experience, and the proven track record of Choreo in facilitating seamless transitions and optimizing employee experiences during times of change. 

CEO Mary Beth Oakes recognizes the significance of this collaboration. “Workplace research and change management has never been so mission critical as businesses plan for hybrid work and meeting employees’ needs,” she stated. “By combining the strengths of Business Furniture and Choreo, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive research solutions that address the evolving needs of the workforce.” 

Choreo, co-founded by Mary Beth Oakes in 2009, initially partnered with a major pharmaceutical company in Indianapolis to orchestrate a seamless transition during its expansion. The success of this collaboration laid the foundation for Choreo’s expertise in change management and workplace optimization. 

Having celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2022, Business Furniture has a long-standing reputation for delivering innovative and ergonomic workplace solutions. The two companies have collaborated for over 15 years, establishing a solid foundation for this merger. 

According to the 2021 Microsoft Work Trend Index, 66% of leaders consider redesigning physical spaces to accommodate hybrid work. Recognizing the need for comprehensive research and strategic planning, Mary Beth Oakes commented, “Leaders know hybrid collaboration spaces require change, starting with research. Our Choreo team is the expert. Then, we bring in great design, careful space planning, and, finally, the installation of your new workspace. We know Choreo and Business Furniture are stronger together to drive the results leaders need.” 

The merger between Business Furniture and Choreo is effective immediately. To experience the power of their hybrid-researched solutions, interested parties are invited to book a tour at the Business Furniture headquarters in Indianapolis. 

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Amanda Clark-Wahl

Vice President of Marketing  


About Business Furniture: Business Furniture is a leading workplace solutions provider that offers innovative and ergonomic furniture, architectural products, and interior design services. With over a century of experience, Business Furniture is committed to creating functional and inspiring workspaces that enhance employee productivity and well-being. 

About Choreo: Choreo is a change management company specializing in guiding organizations through transition and workplace transformation. Through their research-backed strategies and expertise in change facilitation, Choreo helps businesses optimize their operations, improve employee experiences, and achieve their desired outcomes. 

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