“Meet Me at the Pub” – A Neighborhood Favorite Right in the Office

“Meet me at the pub,” laughs Director of Safety and Quality Joe Peters, “it’s where we get the most work done.”

The pub table is a new hot spot for the Business Furniture Operations team. It’s the perfect place to spread floor plans, review notes, and kick off projects.

The quality team is made up of Joe Peters and Chris Polson. Polson catches issues on the front end, and Joe Peters watches for any possibility of error along the way as the project is in motion.

“My job is to be detail-oriented, ensure we aren’t making mistakes, and understand the big pictures of the project,” said Project Audit and Planning Specialist Chris Polson, “My job is easier when we can come together and having a place that fits those needs is key.”

Collaboration is vital in making safety and quality control a team effort at Business Furniture +Co. With Chris and Joe leading the way, the team understands achieving optimal safety standards and maintaining high-quality products and services require collective efforts and input from various team members.

Employees are encouraged to share their knowledge, expertise, and insights by fostering a collaborative environment, which helps identify potential risks and implement effective safety measures. This collaborative approach ensures that safety and quality control become ingrained in the company culture, with everyone taking ownership and responsibility for delivering exceptional results.

Chris Polson and Joe Peters meet at the “Pub” to review upcoming projects.

The new neighborhood office space allows them to meticulously assess every aspect, ensuring that safety protocols are followed, and quality control measures are in place. By providing suitable workspaces, Business Furniture empowers its team members to perform their tasks efficiently, resulting in accurate audits and high-quality outcomes.

Access to technology in the new office space proves invaluable, especially in a hybrid work world.

“When Joe and I can sit down together and hammer out the work, we make fewer mistakes, can improve the procedure, and overall have better empathy for each other’s roles,” explained Chris.

“Hybrid is great,” said Joe, “but the spaces to collaborate and come together make us better at our job and drive the results our partners deserve.”

Through a collaborative work culture, Chris, Joe, and the entire team have a place to come together and get the job done right– the pub is the place– even if it is missing a few cold ones.

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