Why Employees Want Wide Open Spaces

When people move to the country, they’re looking for a peaceful and serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The wide-open spaces, lush greenery, and fresh air provide a sense of tranquility and a closer connection to nature. Living in the countryside often means having more space and larger properties, allowing individuals and families a higher quality of life, with room for gardens, outdoor activities, and a slower pace of living.

For our Client Services and Finance employees their work requires something similar.

Welcome to the Countryside

Hybrid workplaces should draw inspiration from the neighborhoods in which we love and want to be.

The best neighborhoods create a sense of belonging and have diverse private and public spaces, where our homes must provide sanctuary amidst a bustling community.

According to research by the Business Furniture, Choreo workplace strategy team, it was evident that in finance, and client services, employees often require more focus space or a little extra real estate due to the nature of their work tasks and the need for privacy and concentration.

Finance professionals typically engage in complex analytical work that requires intense concentration and focus. They frequently deal with sensitive financial information, requiring more privacy and confidentiality.

Employees in client services often handle confidential client information, engage in meaningful conversations, and conduct meetings or phone calls that require discretion. Providing these individuals with a dedicated neighborhood with a protocol around quiet and larger workspaces allows them to maintain confidentiality and provide exceptional service without disturbances.

A great work neighborhood is designed for Me + We. Meaning places to support individual and group work, and the key is making the transition between the two an easy “commute” in your neighborhood.

VP of Client Satisfaction at Business Furniture, Mary Meredith, said the countryside neighborhood has all the amenities their team needs.

“I have the space and focus room I need to do my best work while also feeling part of a bigger neighborhood of teams,” said Mary, “I love the countryside but also know I can visit the city or suburbs in our work communities when I need a change of pace.”

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