City Slickers- How Our Sales Team Thrives

“We are extroverts,” laughed CEO Mary Beth Oakes, “our Business Development team needs to be in the know and able to pivot quickly in a work environment to support our partners.”

That’s why the Business Furniture + Co Business Development team thrives in the hustle and bustle of a city work neighborhood. The “city” neighborhood is close to the action and provides a vibrant environment that fuels their energy and drive. City work neighborhoods are often buzzing with activity, with our design teams nearby and operations and potential clients in close proximity. This proximity allows the sales team to build connections and easily seize opportunities for cross-collaboration among teams.

The BF+C Business Development team poses in the office “Central Perk” neighborhood, inside the city where their team meets.

Just as people choose to live in the city for its numerous advantages, the sales team also benefits from working in a city-styled work neighborhood within the office. City living offers convenience, accessibility to amenities, and a vibrant social scene. Similarly, the sales team values the convenience of having a social hub nearby where they can interact with colleagues and clients, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing collaboration. The proximity to the social hub also facilitates seamless client engagement, as they can welcome clients into their space for tours.

The same reasons that attract people to urban areas parallel the advantages of a city-styled work neighborhood for the team. The city work neighborhood embodies a dynamic and progressive environment that stimulates creativity, innovation, and a continuous flow of ideas.

“I am a city girl at heart,” laughed Sammie Rosen, “it fits my work style to be in the buzz of the office and also central to all of our team’s needs.”

This stimulating atmosphere motivates the sales team to stay connected, seek new business opportunities, and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

The city work neighborhood offers a vibrant setting that mirrors the advantages people seek in city living, providing the sales team with inspiration, growth opportunities, and a competitive edge in their professional endeavors.

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