Business Furniture to Open Healthcare Studio in Downtown Fishers


Fishers, IN – February 2, 2024 – Business Furniture + Co. proudly announces the opening of its limited-time pop-up healthcare studio, A Healing MINDSET, on the second floor of the MINDSET building on Maple Street in downtown Fishers. This immersive space, spanning 3,700 square feet, showcases revolutionary perspectives on healthcare design and is powered by innovative furniture from Steelcase Health.

Crafted for Enhanced Health Outcomes: A Healing MINDSET’s commitment to human-centered design is on display, offering healthcare officials and facilities planning professionals a firsthand encounter with our dedication to creating empathetic and healing spaces.

Human-Centered Research and Progressive Solutions: A Healing MINDSET goes beyond aesthetics, advancing healthcare spaces through rigorous human-centered research, resulting in evidence-based products and solutions that enhance care experiences for patients, families, clinicians, and communities.

Compassion at the Core: Rooted in compassion, A Healing MINDSET’s work ensures care environments are welcoming, inclusive, and comforting. We cultivate partnerships with forward-thinking

institutions to create safe, sustainable, flexible, and purposeful spaces.

Limited-Time Unveiling: The immersive studio, featuring

state-of-the-art healthcare designs and solutions, will be open for a limited time. Healthcare officials, facilities planners, and design enthusiasts are invited to explore our commitment to human-centered design and research.


A Healing MINDSET, 11634 Maple Street, Suite 200,

Downtown Fishers


April 2024

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to witness the future of healthcare design. Join us at A Healing MINDSET’s pop-up studio to discover how our innovative approach is reshaping the landscape of healing spaces.

For more information, contact:

Amanda Clark-Wahl, VP of Marketing


About A Healing MINDSET: A trailblazing initiative powered by Business Furniture + Co. and featuring Steelcase Health, A Learning MINDSET’s immersive studio is committed to creating better care environments through human-centered research and innovative design solutions.

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