Wellness is more than a Buzzword; it’s a MINDSET.

As the CEO of Business Furniture, I’ve always believed in the power of spaces to nurture healing and well-being.

Our latest endeavor, the “A Healing MINDSET” pop-up healthcare studio, opens this April in downtown Fishers. It isn’t just a reaction to the pressures of the pandemic. It’s a heartfelt response—a commitment to creating spaces that are not just reactive but also ready for the “what’s next” and “what ifs” that life may throw our way.

The pandemic has been a teacher. It taught us that spaces need to be flexible, ready to adapt to the unexpected and provide solace in uncertain times.

From the moment you step into the waiting area, we aim to offer more than just a physical space. We want it to be a sanctuary that whispers comfort and reassurance when you need it most.

Wellness isn’t just a buzzword for us—it’s an integral part of the healing journey. “A Healing MINDSET” is our heartfelt approach to healthcare design, focusing on the emotional well-being of patients and the incredible professionals who guide them through their journeys.

Every detail, from the calming colors to the cozy seating and innovative layouts, is chosen with heart and purpose. We’ve even carved out spaces for our healthcare heroes to recharge and find connections.

But what truly excites me is that “A Healing MINDSET” isn’t a rigid concept. It’s designed to be agile and flexible, ever-ready to embrace the latest innovations and cutting-edge developments in medicine. We’re committed to staying in sync with the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

I invite you to join us on this heartfelt journey of reshaping healthcare spaces. Together, let’s create environments where wellness isn’t just a feature—it’s the beating heart of the healing process.

I look forward to sharing more insights and stories with you soon.


Mary Beth Oakes, CEO, Business Furniture + Co.

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